Phoenix Grand Prix & racecars in Arizona

Racecars in Arizona
Phoenix Grand Prix & racecars in Arizona

Every year, from 1989 to 1991, the Grand Prix Arizona took place in downtown of Phoenix, by the Civic Plaza, and the America West Arena, in Arizona. It is also known as Phoenix Grand Prix. Open-wheel cars or champ cars are used in the race. The Grand Prix took place in Phoenix for a period of 3 years. Read and know more about the history of the Phoenix Grand Prix and the racecars in Arizona.

The Grand Prix Phoenix, Arizona

Two local business owners initiated the idea of the first Grand Prix Arizona. Local authorities had mixed feelings about their proposals when they pitched a presentation about organizing a car race in downtown Phoenix. Their motivation for organizing races in downtown phoenix were to attract many tourists into the city.

On the one hand, the local businessmen and the Maricopa County's sheriff rejected their ideas. Even so, they were totally excited when the Phoenix city counselor supported their ideas for a car race in the heart of the city. It was agreed that the race would take place for a few years.

Phoenix Grand Prix and open-wheel Cars

The Phoenix Grand Prix is characterized by the kinds of vehicles which participate in the race. In fact, they are typically recreational, sports cars.

  • Open-wheel cars only have one seat, which is just for the car race driver.
  • The wheels of the car are quite visible outside the body of the car, but not below its body.
  • The form of the car is different from regular sports cars or other recreational vehicles.
  • Open-wheel cars run much faster than any other cars. Therefore they are designed only to participate in car races.

The circuit for the Phoenix Grand Prix

The races took place in the center of Phoenix, Arizona, following very specific routes.

  • The track length is approximately 3720m long.
  • Car racers run over the same circuit for 81 laps, which means that the racers cover a distance of 301.320 km by the end of the race.
  • The race starts from Jefferson Street. Racers then head south to the 7th Street. Then they go eastward along Lincoln Street.
  • The racers pass through the Chase Field and the US Airways Center. They also go through Downtown Warehouse District.
  • Then they continue northward into 1st Avenue. The racers finally go back to Jefferson Street.

Most renowned Phoenix Grand Prix racers

You may still remember Alain Prost very well. He was the first winner of the Phoenix Grand Prix in 1989. He covered a distance of 140.606kmh at 2:01'33''.

There was also Ayrton Senna. He participated in the race in 1991 and finished to distance of 164.452kmh at 1h21'43''. He made the fastest lap in a shorter time.

Explore the Phoenix Grand Prix popular site

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