Arizona : the Far West of autonomous cars

Arizona : the Far West of autonomous cars

From now on, you will no longer need a driver, queuing for public transport, or driving long distances during vacations or trips. Even if driving is enjoyable, it can sometimes cause fatigue because during a long trip, you have to stay awake and pay attention to everything for the survival of everyone on board.

With autonomous cars, it is possible to ride without a driver. Arizona, the West State of the United States, a cultural venue and a border region of Mexico has these types of cars of tomorrow, designed specifically to reduce accidents and facilitate the movement of all.

The advantages of autonomous cars

Various options are available through the creation of autonomous cars. Indeed, most of the system is automated, for example acceleration and braking. Autonomous cars have several advantages such as:

  •  The reduction of accidents: thanks to the system specially designed for the reaction time, they offer more reliability because unlike the men who are sometimes under the influence of alcoholic substances or drugs, the cars remain awake and meet the speed standards.
  •  Traffic jam reduction: the communication system between the vehicles makes it possible to detect from a distance and to anticipate traffic jams.
  •  Time saving: they reduce unnecessary trips for example for food orders because you can send it retrieve orders. They can also park themselves.
  •  Saving money: insurance is not generally included in its use because the manufacturer is the first person responsible in case of accident or malfunction. In addition, they have a fuel economy option.
  •  Reduction of pollution: these vehicles have an eco-driving program for driving in an environment-friendly way

Stakes of autonomous vehicles

In March, Uber's driverless taxi hit a 49-year-old woman due to a software setting fault during the test phase. All tests were suspended and problems concerning the efficiency and performance of these cars questioned.

However, if all the systems and adjustments are set, these vehicles will really be of great help and will contribute mainly to the socio-economic development of the United States.

Moreover, because of this major problem, all the technology giants, mainly the American giant of the VTC, did not accept the renewal of the authorization to continue the tests. This was intended to quiet noises and give time to the manufacturer to perfect all the settings and have total control over all systems of these vehicles.

Adventure in a rental car

Despite the known worries about these cars, Arizona, the US region has sights and places to discover by car as well as other interesting technologies. To visit the Wild West, you can inquire at Opodo. It is an online travel agency, among the best, offering various offers.

Opodo offers you comfortable rental cars, equipped with state-of-the-art systems, or well-maintained vintage cars, depending on your tastes. Unfortunately, you still cannot ride in autonomous vehicles; however, you will have the chance to see them up close by visiting this place where the sun is always shining.

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